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7 Qualities of Honorable People

"We have indeed honored the Children of Adam." Qur'an 17:70

According to the Qur'an all human beings have been honored by God and have their own share of honor. It is because of this gift of honor that by birth human beings are "preferred above many of other creatures". We have the power to add to or lose our share of honor and every action we take has an effect on our honor. The best way to know how honorable one is and how to gain honor is to know the qualities of an honorable person according to Islam. Here are 7 characteristics of honorable people:


1. Understanding their own greatness and the insignificance of the world

Imam Baqir (a): "Those who honor themselves, perceive the insignificance of the world."

2. Being free and independent

Imam َAli (a): Do not sell away your freedom in return of anything. 

3. Being honest

Imam Husayn (a): Honesty is a sign of honor, lack of it a sign of weakness. 

4. Keeping promises

Imam Ali: When an honorable person promises he will stand by it and when he threatens he will not. 

5. Being good-natured

Imam Sadiq (a): Honor manifests in three qualities, being friendly and good-natured, controlling anger, and having a gentle look.

6. Overlooking people's mistakes

Imam Ali (a): An honorable person knowingly neglects others' mistakes and allows to be deceived. 

7. Doing good for their own sake

Imam Ali (a): You honor yourself and increase your dignity by doing good to others so do not expect gratitude from them.